Steel Ring race track became the venue of Czech Kart Open Round 4.

After one week the Steel Ring kart circuit in Třinec resounded again with the crash of racing machines. This time the participants of the 4th round of the Czech Championship met here, the MS KART Racing Team pilots didn´t miss.

Jakub Talaš set the fifth time on Saturday’s timed practice in the KZ2 category . In the first final race he improved by one place, in the second race he finished fifth.  In superfinal  Kuba started from the second row as fourth and it was also his final placement in the finish.  Jiří Šafránek set the 13th time in qualification and finished  P12 in race 1. Due to a collision he unfortunately could not finish the second race. Jirka´s previous failure didnt really affect his superfinal race and he passed the finish line on a nice P11.

Jan Šafránek set a very good 3rd time in time pracice in KZ2 Gentleman. In the first heat he dropped a bit and finished fifth. Jan did not reach the finish line in the second heat because of a hard incident  with his opponent. Due to this collision his kart could not be completely repaired and Jan had to stand back in the superfinal.

In ROK the MS KART brand had double representation. The first driver was Václav Tomášek from team UBK who took 4th place in time pracice and fought his way to the 2nd position in the first race with a great performance. In the second final race he confirmed his perfect form and took P2 again. The superfinal was not really successful for Václav. A mistake by one of his opponents and a following technical problem moved him back P7. The second pilot Tomáš Filipenský was not really lucky this weekend and took P11 in the first two haets. In the superfinal Tom fought hard and passed the finish line on P6.

Filip Kovalík achieved the following results in Mini 60: P15, P14 and P14. Overall he managed to get a nice 4th place among the unlicenced drivers.

Lukáš Konopka started in Baby 60 and even he did not cope with the Steel Ring track as good as last time, he scored points for P9, P9 and P10.

Many thanks to all MS KART Racing Team drivers, to all mechanics for their hard work and to Machač Motors for the engines.  Many thanks to all other teams and pilots who represented our brand.

Photo by: Edit and Sára Pokorná, RACE.SK, Marta Tomášková

Petr Kačírek – KZ2

Petr Kačírek is one of the 5 drivers who will represent our MS KART Racing Team in the KZ2 category in 2024. He started racing

Czech Kart Open Cheb, 17.–19.5.2024