Czech Championship Round 2 in Cheb

The racing season of Czech Kart Open series continued at the end of May with the second round in Cheb. Sunny weather without a drop of rain made the racing atmosphere more pleasant for everyone.

The MS KART Racing Team drivers started with a complete line-up and many of them had a more thorough preparation in the form of several previous training days.

Jakub Kadlčák was one of the fastest drivers in KZ2. P4 in qualification meant starting from row 2 in the first and second final heat. Jakub started excellently in final 1 on Saturday evening and settled on the 2nd position, which he kept until the finish (with a loss of only 0,161 s behind the winner being penalized by 3s for start). In the second final heat Kuba crossed the finish line on P2 again and gained starting position from 1st row for Superfinal. Here the first 4 drivers were fighting hard for the top position. With a rocket start Kuba tokk the lead for a few laps, but the speed of his #153 kart was only enough to defend 2nd place. Just like from the first race at Steel Ring we tokk home the “silver” from Cheb.

David Kadlec set a great 2nd time in time practice of KZ2 Gentleman. Due to a big collision after start he finished the 1st final run on P10 and in the second heat he finished on P6. David started from 3rd row in Superfinal and passed the checkered flag on nice P4, unfortunately without a podium finish.

Tomas Filipensky #88 fought in the strong competition of ROK GP class. He set P18 in qualification and finished P6 and P7 in group heats. After a collision in the superfinal he finished P19.

In the same category, Tadeáš Radvan #72, a newcomer to the team, was gaining more experience and was constantly improving his performance: P37 in time practice out of 44 starters did not work out, but with a result of 2 x P19 in group heats he secured his qualification for Superfinal and finisehd on P23. Very nice result for a guy who started karting in March 2023!

Zdeněk Bábíček starting for TEPZ Racing Team dominated in Mini 60. P6 in time practice meant a start from row 3 for the first two final runs and a raised heart rate for all watching. Zdenda handled the overtaking manoeuvres with aplomb and took the lead shortly after the start. He crossed the finish line victorious in both runs, a +3s penalty for start in 2nd final pushed him back to P3. In Superfinal Zdeněk started well from 1st row and took the lead which he kept until the finish!

In the same category Greta Polmova in her typical helmet with a yellow bee and #115 kart was unmissable among the Mini 60 drivers. Gretka practices together with Zdeněk Bábíček and she is doing a great progress. Her results in Cheb were P17 to P14 in final 1 and P17 to P8 in final 2. In Superfinal she dropped from P11 to P13 due to a big collision after start.

Results at a glance:

  • #153 Jakub Kadlčák
    • Q – P4
    • Final 1 – P2
    • Final 2 – P2
    • Superfinal – P2
  • #46 Jiří Šafránek
    • Q – P18
    • Final 1 – P14
    • Final 2 – P12
    • Superfinal – P9

KZ2 Gentleman

  • #537 David Kadlec
    • Q – P5
    • Final 1 – P4
    • Final 2 – P4
    • Superfinal P4
  • #44 Josef Barrila
    • Q – P12
    • Final 1 – P15
    • Final 2 – P8
    • Superfinal – P10 


  • #88 Tomáš Filipenský
    • Q – P18
    • Heat 1 – P6
    • Heat 2 – P7
    • Superfinal – P19
  • #72 Tadeáš Radvan
    • Q – P37
    • Heat 1 – P19
    • Heat 2 – P19
    • Superfinal – P23 


  • #30 Zdeněk Bábíček – TEPZ Racing Team
    • Q – P6
    • Final 1 – P1
    • Final 2 – P3
    • Superfinal – P1 
  • #115 Greta Polmová
    • Q – P17
    • Final 1 – P14
    • Final 2 – P8
    • Superfinal P13
  • #11 Lukáš Babáček
    • Q – P27
    • Final 1 – P19
    • Final 2 – P24
    • Superfinal P22


  • #0 Marek Punčochář
    • Q – P17
    • Final 1 – V
    • Final 2 – P17
    • Superfinal – P16

Thanks to all the drivers and mechanics for the great teamwork and to Macháč Motors for the well prepared engines.

Thanks to Jakub Rovný and RACE.SK for beautiful photos.

We look forward to seeing you at the third round of the Czech Championship, this time at Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf on 16-18 June 2023.

Rotax Max Challenge CZ, MP & MSR Slovakiaring, 5.–7.4.2024​


Marek Punčochář – BABY 60

Marek Punčochář started with karting at the age of three and since then it has become more than just a hobby. With dreams of one day

Czech Kart Open Vysoké Mýto, 19.–21.4.2024​


Marek Ambrož – ROK Junior

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