ROTAX Max Challenge, MP & MSR Round 3 at Steel Ring

RMC Czech Republic, Moravian Cup and Slovakian Championship continued with the third round at Steel Ring in Trinec on 23-25 June. The race did not go according to the best scenario for many of our pilots and it is one of the less successful events of this season.

MS KART Racing Team drivers were divided into Rotax categories of 1 x Junior, 3 x Senior and 2 x DD2, below is a summary of the final results of our and some other drivers on MS chassis.

Lukas Tomasek #69 did very well in Rotax Junior MP category, congratulations for the win!

Rotax Junior Max – MP
P1 #69 Lukáš Tomášek – MS KART R.T.

Rotax Junior Max – MSR
P20 #227 Vojtěch Fulín – Doss Kart

Rotax Senior Max – MSR
P16 #88 Tomáš Filipenský – MS KART R.T.
P19 #72 Tadeáš Radvan – MS KART R.T.

Rotax Senior Max – MP
P10 #337 Lucie Zimmelová – MS KART R.T.

Rotax DD2 – MSR
P3 #478 Christopher Stephan Oslanec – Kancsár Racing
P5 #8 Václav Tomášek – MS KART R.T.
P6 #433 Tomáš Javůrek – MS KART R.T.

Rotax DD2 Masters – MSR
P1 Martin Konopka- K KART Racing Team

Rotax Micro Max – MSR
P4 #79 Jan Dostál – Doss Kart
P6 #77 Filip Rabas – Kopecký Racing Team

Rotax Micro Max – MP
P1 #27 Jakub Kopecký – Kopecký Racing Team
P3 #78 Jakub Dostál – Doss Kart
P7 #76 Rozálie Rabasová – Kopecký Racing Team

KZ2 Senior
P3 #888 Boris Nedorost
P8 #288 Jaroslav Capík

Thank you all for your participation, effort and good teamwork.

Photo: RACE.SK 

We look forward to seeing you at the next race in Bruck, Austria on 7-9 July 2023.

Marek Punčochář – BABY 60

Marek Punčochář started with karting at the age of three and since then it has become more than just a hobby. With dreams of one day