4 podium finishes from “aquapark” in Vysoké Mýto

The first race of the Czech Championship was very interesting, the cards were shuffled by typical April weather and many disqualifications, not only for our team drivers.

The break between the last 2023 race and this one lasted almost 7 months and as a result we could see right from the edge of the weekend excited drivers with the desire to fight for the best results.

There was good luck and bad luck, the weekend was very specific and the heavy rainfall before and during qualifying didn’t suit everyone. For some new competitors it was their very first experience on a wet track. The best performances in qualifying were recorded by Jakub Kadlčák and Jonáš Hubáček, who took third and second place. Moreover, Kuba Kadlčák had a problem in qualifying in the form of a cracked exhaust, which did not allow him to reach the maximum speed on the straights.

Anna Radvanová in School 50 class had her first race in this championship and was accelerating on the track, she made a good progress.

Marek Punčochář, our only representative in Baby 60, would probably like to forget the weekend. A technical fault on his engine meant disqualification and in superfinal after a good performance and speed he failed to handle a fast right-hand turn. So he scored points only in the first race, which he finished in P6.

Jonáš Hubáček was looking forward to start from the second row in MINI 60 thanks to his great pace and P3 in qualifying but he struggled with engine problems on start to the warm-up lap of the first final. In the end, he did start, but with a big loss to the entire field. With a dogged pursuit he clawed his way forward and finished P9. He finished P7 in race 2 and P8 in the superfinal.

Tomas Filipensky showed the biggest improvement and after a hard recovery before the season we proudly announce that he is back and even stronger. All weekend he was on the top positions in ROK. Out of 43 drivers of this most bussy category he finally reached P3 in the superfinal. Great pace!

Josef Barilla and Pavel Sovička fought in KZ2 Gentleman and finished in the middle of the starting field. Both of them are looking forward to Cheb, where they have run many more laps in practices and will be able to create an attractive plot for the podium.

Tadeáš Radvan finished 8th in superfinal of his premiere race in ROK class, which at first glance does not seem like a nice result, but the reality on the track was different. Tadeáš had the pace, he just couldn’t find the best opportunity to overtake, he will for sure work on that in coming races.

The weekend ended with the superfinal race of KZ2 category with our 3 competitors Jakub Kadlčák, Filip Vloch and Troy Sovička. Jakub Kadlčák started third and with a great pursuit ride he caught the leader at the end of the superfinal heat. He set the fastest lap time and crossed the finish line in P2. The subsequent disqualification for other help during the warm-up lap was a bitter end to a difficult race weekend, but it did not dampen our warm feeling from Kuba’s fantastic performance. The kart was working great, both motor-wise and chassis-wise, and our motivation to win the next races is all the greater. Filip Vloch followed up his nice performance in Slovakia and competed confidently in the top 10 and finished P8 and P10 in the first two races. Due to technical problems he could not finish the superfinal. In the contrary Troy Sovička, as the only KZ2 competitor in the PACR group, succeeded to finish the race and he showed his ability to run ahead of the Czech Championship competitors during the weekend and thus took his first cup.

Despite numerous problems and disappointments, the cold and wet race weekend in Vysoké Mýto brought joy, good mood in the team tent and a great appetite for the next race, which is scheduled in less than a month in Cheb.

Thanks to the drivers, mechanics and Macháč Motors for their professional cooperation.

FOTO: Ondřej Kovalčík

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