MS KART drivers reap success at Steel Ring

From July 30 to August 1, round 4 of Rotax Max Challenge, Moravian Cup and Slovakian Champs took place at Steel Ring in Trinec. The whole race weekend was accompanied by changeable weather and 4 Sunday’s final races had to be canceled due to heavy persistent rain. However, this did not affect the performance of the drivers and the efforts of the mechanics, who did a great job together with the entire implementation team. Successes came in the form of great results across all categories.

Jakub Talas was a part of the strong KZ2 grid. The first final race was on wet on Sunday morning, Jakub took second place behind the leader Dominik Javurek. In the second heat the track was dry and the drivers put on slicks. As in the first race Jakub had a great start and took the lead. Although he had his rival in a tight spot throughout the race, he controlled his leading position and did not give him a chance to overtake. After an excellent performance, he passed the finish line of the 2nd final race as the winner. Because the 3rd final heat did not take place due to a heavy rain storm, heat 2 was the last race of the day and Kuba became the overall winner of the race. Jan Safranek did a good job in KZ2 Veteran throughout the weekend: Jan added two more victories in both final races to the best time in qualification and became the final winner of his cathegory.

In ROTAX Junior Max Tomas Javurek performed well at Steel Ring. Although he was not even lucky in qualification and P10 meant start from the 5th row he was able to show his great driving skills on the wet track on Sunday morning: in the first race he pushed hard and got from P10 to P2! A 5-second bumper penalty to his rival moved him a step higher and Tom scored points for the first position. Race 2 was on a dry track, Tom started from the first row and kept a good pace throughout the race, he finished P4. Overall, he took a beautiful 2nd position and took over a well-deserved trophy on the podium, happy and touched…

David Kadlec set 2nd time in timed practice in ROTAX DD2 Masters and despite numerous engine problems he managed to finish P1, P1 and P2 in the heats. Overall David took first place ahead of the second Lukas Devera from team JM KART. Tomas Filipensky did very well in ROK. On Sunday, after starting from third place, he managed to take the lead and kept it to the finish. In the next two races he finished twice P2 and became the winner of the race.

The youngest team members were siblings Filip and Rozalka Rabas. Filip took second place in the qualification of ROTAX Micro MAX among unlicensed drivers. He scored points for P2, P3 and P4 in the heats and finished on 3rd place overall. In School 50, the category of the youngest competitors, we cheered for Rozalie: she drove well and managed to get a nice P11 out of 24 drivers. One of her rivals was the young and talented racer Miroslav Svec on his pure new MS KART BABY chassis. Mirek set the 4th time in Saturday’s timed practice and got P7, P5, P5 in the heats. He finished fifth overall.

Many other drivers with MS KART chassis were also successful, for example:


Jakub Kubera / JM KART – P3 Rotax Mini Max

Lukáš Devera / JM KART – P2 DD2 Masters

Kamil Kubera / JM KART – P4 DD2 Masters

Lukáš Konopka / K KART – P3 Baby 60

Kryštof Kyllar / JM KART – P4 Rotax Micro Max

Kryštof Kyllar / JM KART – P5 Baby 60

Vítek Kubera / JM KART – P6 Rotax Micro Max

Jan Dostál / DOSS KART – P2 ROTAX Micro Max, no licence

Congratulations and many thanks to all drivers, mechanics and parents for the achievment, perfect teamwork and good representation of our brand. Thanks to Machac Motors for the engines and Jakub Rovny/RACE.SK for great photos.

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