Boris Nedorost takes 3rd place in the Slovakian Championship

On 2nd October 2021 the Slovakian Championship SKP 2021 was definitively concluded at Slovakia Ring. The last race of this season, the last distribution of points, the last announcement of results. It sounds quite nostalgic and at the end it is something great that took place this year… This is how Boris Nedorost, the KZ2 driver and the official dealer of the MS KART chassis in Slovakia, remembers the last “Slovakia Ring” venue.

“Thanks to everyone who took part in this carousel. Our whole team spent both peaceful and exciting moments. But now, when all is over, I can say that it was really worth. We finished 3rd overall which is an incredible result with regard to my experience and physical assumptions. A year ago I said to two people who have made a really significant contribution to this result: I have certain limits and I am not a top driver. But when I sit in a go-kart and the red light goes out, I put everything I can into it, “said the happy Boris.

“I want to thank everyone, especially the opponents, but not only those. I would like to take this opportunity to thank MS KART who supplied great and reliable technology. I can’t forget the legend of Slovak go-kart sport, Peter Kollár, who ensured that the engine always ran as best as possible. You are all people who do it with a heart and a sense of this sport. Without all of you, this result would never have happened. As they say, three cheers, WE HAVE THIRD PLACE in the overall ranking!

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