Evolution Rotax Cup on Steel Ring

After the extremely long corona virus break the MS KART drivers finally went to the first race of this season and on 5-7th of June they met at Steel Ring in Třinec at the EVOLUTION ROTAX MAX Cup.

This exceptionally scheduled race was organized thanks to the cooperation of the Steel Ring go-kart circuit with the company MS KART, which is the promoter of the Rotax class in Czech Republic and was prescribed exclusively for the Rotax category.

The time schedule was planned for 3 days starting on Friday reserved for free practice. Rotax Max Senior and Rotax Max DD2 categories raced on Saturday and the smallest Rotax Micro Max and Rotax Max Junior pilots competed on the track on Sunday.

All MS KART racing tents were fully occupied and provided facilities for pilots of the smallest age categories starting in the Micro Max class up to the oldest pilots in the DD2 Master class.

The composition of the MS KART team was really wide:

              Hene Vilém No. 477 – DD2

              Javůrek Tomáš No. 233 – Junior Max

              Kadlec David No. 537 – DD2 Masters

              Kadlecová Natálka No. 211 – Junior Max

              Kubera Jakub No. 9 – Micro MAX

              Kubera Kamil No. 575 – DD2 Masters

              Matějček Jiří No. 422 – DD2

              Mizera Marek´No. 437 – DD2

              Rabas Filip No. 77 – Micro MAX

In the Rotax Micro Max category there started the nine-year-old Jakub Kubera with number 9 and the youngest member of the team Filip Rabas with number 77 who is only 7 years old. Kuba raced in the Baby 60 class last year and the new MS MINI chassis with a Micro Max engine fits him really well. He was able to gain lots of training laps and visibly improved. The result was a beautiful 4th place overall. Little Filipek also held on very bravely and pushed his go-kart forward as much as possible, he was not discouraged even by Saturday’s rain and the ride on the water which he really enjoyed…

In the Junior Max class, Tomáš Javůrek with number 233 and Natálka Kadlecová with 211 fought in the starting field for the best possible position. Tom improves quickly and together with the team chief Jirka Kahuda they evaluate his performance after each drive and focuse on eliminating even the smallest mistakes. Tom managed to set great times, finishing 6th overall. Natálka also enjoys the transition from the Mini chassis in 2019 to this year’s big size kart in Juniors and flies like a dragon on the track. She welcomes each training opportunity and is thrilled to be able to take part in a real race.

The DD2 and DD2 Masters class showed the biggest number of drivers on MS KART. The best result was gained by the experienced Marek Mizera, who took the prize for the 3rd place behind the Běžel brothers. On Friday, Marek sat in his kart for the first time this year and his commitment and pace surprised all of us. However, at the end of the second and throughout the third heat his engine was not in very good condition which immediately reflected in the times and Marek lost. Overall, however, he maintained the third position and it was a great joy. Jirka Matějček was the second best team driver on 5th place overall and Vilém Hene, a complete novice in go-karts, took 6th place. Although Vilém already used to race race in the ICA-100 class on MS KART chassis when he was a little boy he had to stop karting for health reasons. “I always knew that I would return to go-karts one day,” says Vilém, who suddenly felt at the age of 31 that the right time had come and after many years he sat behind the steering wheel of MS KART again, this time powered by a Rotax DD2 engine. Vilém is an enthusiast and enjoys kart driving a lot eventhough his body is slowly and painfully accustomed to the hard racing reality. However, he stands behind his decision and works hard on himself….

David Kadlec and Kamil Kubera competed in the DD2 Masters category in the MS KART team colors. David has number 537 and he is also a go-kart enthusiast. Three years ago, he was brought to go-kart racing by a lifelong love in fast wheels and also by close cooperation with the MS KART company in his native town Prachatice. David went through a painful adaptation phase for relentlessly hard laps already last year, when he had several broken ribs. He didn’t give up, he devoted every free moment to training and his progress is huge: he was the fastest of the Masters and he kept close to the experienced DD2 drivers all the time. He was deprived of the championship for disqualification for not following the minimum weight, he missed 0.5 kg. Unfortunately, this also belongs to racing: it is not worth to go without a weight reserve and to exchange a wet suit for a dry one before next race…. Kamil Kubera with start number 575 took a great 2nd place at the Steel Ring and got a beautiful trophy from Třinec as well as great joy: he is also a newcomer to karting this year and at the age of 39 he enjoys go-karts just like his two sons Vítek (7 years) and Jakub (9 years).

Big thanks to all the pilots for their efforts and great riding performance and to all the mechanics for the perfect job they did. Many thanks to wives and mothers for their care and caring. We are looking forward to another common race which will be the first roundof RMC ČR and MP on the new race track Slovakia Ring on 26-28th of June 2020.

Foto: Vráťa Ondráček, Tomáš Skryja, Milena Šimáková

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