Jakub Talaš – MS KART factory driver in KZ!

Jakub Talaš, one of the best current Czech kart drivers in the KZ category, starts on MS KART this year.

KZ Vice-champion of Czech Republic 2019, KZ Champion of Slovakia 2019, winner of the prestigious prize Golden Steering Wheel 2019 and the Jiří Balcar Award. A boy who started with karting at the age of eight when he first sat behind the wheel of a small MS Kart chassis returns now back to this brand in the royal KZ category.

Jakub is a top and experienced driver and we are very happy that after years we have agreed on cooperation again. In the colors of MS Kart Jakub will start in the Czech Championship, the Slovakian Championship and in the Moravian Cup. It is not excluded he also starts at one of the international races abroad. Everything will be shown by the development of the situation during this year’s busy season.

A clear goal for the 2020 season is to attack the domestic title of KZ2 champion. At the same time we will intensively work together on the development of our current MS KART KZ chassis.

Love for racing

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who loves karting!Let’s not forget that the love of racing motivates us to achieve better results…We wish everyone to enjoy this day.

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