Lee Harpham & MS KART winners of British Superkart Championship

“The final race of the UK British Superkart Championship and the British Superkart Grand Prix of Superkarts at Donington Park last weekend was run in very mixed conditions,” describes newly crowned British Champion Lee Harpham after a happy return home.

Testing went well on Thursday and Saturday morning but in qualifying on lap 4 a collision on the back straight caused massive damage to the kart meaning it was over and qualified P4. With a major rebuild mission on the Saturday afternoon by the team we got the kart back in some sort of order having to weld the snapped chassis bent axle exhaust pipes etc.

Race 1 I led until a back marker caused a damaged nose cone and dropped to 2nd with no front end grip. Repaired nose cone for race 2 we were struggling with handling due to the previous race damage and ended up with more damage after colliding with another back marker causing a bent rear axle. The last lap with mega vibration due to the axle meant we finished P2 but with Liam Morley not finishing meant we won the British superkart championship!

Another repair job with another axle for the GP race and nose meant we struggled once again. Sat with Carl Hulme but his pace was great and I was slowly dropping back due to the hard impact the kart had over the weekend and ended up finishing P3.

It was a great weekend and massive team effort to become the 2022 Motorsport UK Division 1 Superkart Champion with the Harvey Motorsport and MS KART – VM!

Massive thanks to all that has made this possible. Dave Harvey, Rod Harpham, mum, Emm Cooper, Paul Wheatley and NGK Spark plugs. Also to Jon Hatley and John Riley for their hard work today.

FOTO: Brett Allen

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