Flying Fin & MS KART

The double F1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen has chosen MS KART for the start of the racing career of his daughter Ella and son Dani!

Why even MS KART? Meeting Lukáš Foli Folk, the mechanic of Václav Tomášek, decided. Václav won the 2021 Czech Championship in ROK on MS KART. Since Mika’s wife comes from Czech Republic, the Czech made technology was a clear choice…

Mika is not only a legend and a strong personality, but he is a really nice and sympathetic guy. A personal meeting with him was an extraordinary experience for the entire MS KART company.

Thank you, Mika. See you and your children on the track!

Tadeáš Radvan – OK

Step by step we will be introducing our MS KART Racing Team drivers for the 2024 season. We start with Tadeáš Radvan, a driver who will