Max Karhan at DKM in Genk

A new track, new experience, a comparison of techniques, drivers and mechanics – this was another race of the German DKM Championship for Max Karhan from the LUKA MOTORSPORT team, this time in Genk, Belgium. A beautiful but quite challenging race track with a great history, it is called Home of Champions. And it was indeed so: in the OK Junior class, great competition and top drivers from all over the world gathered here again. For a place that is mostly rainy, the weather was good this time and it didn’t even drip…

In the practice sessions, Max stayed around 16th place and kept accelerating. The mood in the team had calmed down and it was time to focus on capturing the best time in timed practice. He finished just outside the top 10 in 14th place. He wasn’t too happy after practice and said he would go forward and fight after the start. 

As he said, so he did. First final run from P14 at the start and after the first corner Max was even in 8th place, but he damaged his front rim on the kerb when overtaking and the fight for survival began. He ended up off the track on the last lap. Max took a deep breath and made a great start to the next final run, even fighting his way up to 6th place, but in the end he ended up off the track again in a big field of riders who weren’t going to take it lying down. By then he was pissed off and it usually works out…. Starting from last place, he finished the third final heat in 13th place and finished 12th in the superfinal.

And the conclusion? A beautiful track, many beautiful fights, a lot of valuable experience and a good 12th place in the final.

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Rotax Max Challenge CZ, MP & MSR Slovakiaring, 5.–7.4.2024​


Triple Podium at HKRC

Well done to all JDR drivers and mechanics on a tough weekend with awful weather on Sunday. Rotax Junior MaxMichael Walker achieved a heat win and P3