RMC CZ, MP & MSR at Steel Ring

For the 5th round of Rotax Max Challenge Czech Republic, MP & MSR we went for the second time this year to Steel Ring in Trinec. The track was set up in its “FAST” variant this time.

Our MS KART Racing Team had the biggest representation in Rotax DD2 class, where besides Tomáš Javůrek also Lucie Zimmelová #437 raced for the first time. Lucka enjoyed her premisr race in a new category and with a completely different kart to the fullest and showed an unexpectedly strong performance: P7 in time practice in overall standings and the results of P7, P4 and P8 in the final heats were a nice surprise for everyone. Lucka rightfully and with great pleasure took the winner’s trophy in the cup ranking, congratulations!

Tomáš Javůrek #433 showed a great pace on the fast track of Steel Ring, setting P2 in Saturday´s time practice in a strong competition. Sunday’s race, however, did not go well for Tom: 0 points for the 2nd final run, which he did not finish due to a collision, together with the results of P5 and P4 were only enough this time for P6 overall.

A decent performance was given by Filip Vloch #15, who drove only his second race on the MS Blue hoenix KZ and finished P3 in KZ2-MSR category, congratulations!

Tomáš Filipenský #88 finished P21 in Rotax Senior and the siblings Matěj and Miroslav Švec took P8 in Kid 50 and P12 in Rotax Micro Max.

Below an overview of the final results of our drivers and some others on MS chassis.

Rotax DD2 – MSR
P2 #446 Vida Benedek – Kancsár Racing
P3 #496 Bende Szabo – Kancsár Racing
P4 #478 Christopher Stephan Oslanec – Kancsár Racing
P6 #433 Tomáš Javůrek – MS KART R.T.

Rotax DD2 – MP
P1 #437 Lucie Zimmelová – MS KART R.T.
P2 #488 Lukáš Doležal – Doss Kart
P3 #184 Miroslav Kovář

Rotax Senior Max – MSR
P4 # Erik Galvacs – Kancsár Racing
P21 #88 Tomáš Filipenský – MS KART R.T.

Rotax Micro Max – MSR
P2 #77 Filip Rabas – Kopecký Racing Team
P4 #79 Jan Dostál – Doss Kart

Rotax Micro Max – MP
P1 #27 Jakub Kopecký – Kopecký Racing Team
P5 #78 Jakub Dostál – Doss Kart
P6 #21 Miroslav Švec – MS KART R.T.
P9 #76 Rozálie Rabasová – Kopecký Racing Team

P3 #15 Filip Vloch

KZ2 Senior
P2 #288 Jaroslav Capík
P4 #888 Boris Nedorost

Thank you all for your participation, effort and good teamwork.

Foto: RACE.SK,  Sára Pokorná

We look forward to seeing you at MP & MSR Round 6 in Bruck, Austria on 25-27 August 2023.

Marek Ambrož – ROK Junior

The premiere season for Marek Ambrož in our team is approaching and the time has come for his introduction as a driver of the MS KART

Double podium in Shenington

Newcomer to the JDR team Seb Gee managed to fight his way through 8 karts to take an impressive 3rd place in the Rotax Mini

Jonáš Hubáček – MINI 60

This season is the first season in our racing team for Jonáš Hubáček, a young racer who will compete in the Mini 60 category. In March,