MS KART on podium at Steel Ring!

The last race of the Czech Kart Open took place at Steel Ring in Třinec on 14.-15.9.2019.

Petr and Lukas Vojta, the brothers from Team V racing raced with MS BLUE SWIFT chassis in KZ. Petr won and Lukáš got the podium for 3rd place!

I quote the winner: “We thank the whole MS KART team for their support. Also for the great help with the chassis (Jiří and Fanda) before the second final run. Thanks also to Mr. Simak for his help in tuning the engines.”

Class BABY 60 – AČR Cup:
Ondřej Pikl (JM-KART KLUB) – 3rd time in time practice, 2nd place in 1st final run, 4th place in 2nd final run (with 5 second bumper penalty), Superfinal: disqualification for riding mistake. Ondra is a newcomer and a great talent, driving really well. Only a mistake of inattention deprived him of the podium.

Filip Kovalík (MS KART RACING TEAM) – 5th time in time practice, 5th place in 1st final, 3rd place in 2nd final. He did not finish the Superfinal due to a technical fault, which unfortunately deprived him of 3rd place in the overall ranking of the ACR Cup 2019.

Class BABY 60 – Czech Championship:
Jakub Kubera (JARDAN Karting Klub) – 13th in timed practice, 2 x P13 in final 1 and 2., P8 in Superfinal.

Class MINI 60 – Czech Championship:
Tomáš Javůrek and Tomáš Filipenský started for MS KART RACING TEAM. Both guys are at the beginning of their racing career, gaining valuable experience in each race and moving forward one step at a time. Tomas Javurek – P16 in time practice, P10 in 1st final run and P in 2nd final run, 12th place overall in Superfinal.
Tomáš Filipenský – 17th in time practice, P17 in 1st and P12 in the second heat, overall P13 in Superfinal.

Lukáš Hříbal (JARDAN Karting Club) – 12th in time practice, P9 in 1st heat, P7 in 2nd heat and overall P10 in Superfinal.

Samuel Matějka (JARDAN Karting Club) – 13th in time practice, P14 and P9 in the final heats, P14 in the Superfinal.

KZ2 Gentleman:
Petr Vojta sen. (Team V racing) – 6th in time practice, P6 and P7 in final heats, P6 in Superfinal. 

Foto: Edit & Sára Pokorná, Silvie Janákova-Piklová
Text: Tomáš Skryja

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