Hard but successful race at Steel Ring!

Although the second race of the Moravian Cup and the Slovakian Championship was initially canceled due to the unfavorable situation caused by the spread of Covid-19 in the Třinec region, the race finally took place as planned on the 10st-12th of July at Steel Ring in Třinec thanks to excellent preparation from the entire Steel Ring team as well as the team of organizers of the MP and MSR series.

Stricter safety and hygiene measures discouraged some riders from participating but despite this the number of participants was high and many foreign pilots arrived not only from Slovakia but also from Hungary, Poland, Austria or Serbia.

The weather conditions were changeable during all 3 days: Friday’s hot summer weather was replaced by heavy rain all Satturday during which all qualifications took place. It was partly cloudy with some rain on Sunday but most of the races took place on dry tires. This combination meant hard work for all drivers and mechanics who constantly adjusted the chassis settings for the current conditions on the track. Not only the pilots but also the mechanics of the MS KART Racing Team deserve big thanks you for the demanding and well-done work they did.

Kuba Talaš in KZ2 class proved his great driving skills again! On Saturday we struggled with finding the optimal chassis setting for wet track but Kuba fought in the qualifying and set 3rd time. When our engine No. 1 failed during the carburation on Sunday morning our chance to fight for the top positions was going down… We had to start with our practice engines. But Kuba did not allow himself to be nervous and put everything into it. It was his big racing heart and his determination what we relied on. And he did not disappoint: P3 in race 1, P1 in the second and P3 race 3 meant podium for the great second place in total!!!

A small but very talented pilot Vítek Kubera from the team JM KART Klub had a great race. Vítek is only 7 years old and starts in the School 50cc class. With his new MS Bambino chassis he won time practice and in start-finish style he also won all three races. In heat 1 he won with a gap of 16 seconds! So, very deserved P1 overall and a big congratulations to this little and promising racer.

Rotax DD2 is a class where our MS Kart brand is very strongly represented. The best driver on MS in Třinec was Adam Kovács from team of the Hungarian champion Ferenc Kancsár. Adam was the fastest in time practice and got 3 times 3rd place in the races which meant P3 overall. Marek Mizera who also showed great performance on the Třinec track finished right behind him. Although he did not do very well in time practice and due to 7th place he did not have an easy start in race 1, Marek managed to cope with it and thanks to the results P5, P4 and P4 he got a nice 4th place in total. Nikolas Szabó did not race as he wished at Steel Ring and finished sixth overall. The newcomer to karting, Vilém Hene, who also starts for MS Kart Racing, finished on P8.

In DD2 Masters cathegory David Kadlec and Kamil Kubera fought on the MS chassis. Both drivers are still working hard and their improvement is evident in each subsequent race. David finished second in Třinec and Kamil third.

In the ROTAX Micro Max class the driver Tomáš Brančík started for the first time with the MS KART chassis and did great. Thanks to the results P4, P4 and P3, he got an excellent 3rd place and, in addition to a beautiful steel trophy, he also took great joy from Třinec. Jakub Kubera started in the same class and he did not get lost in the numerous starting field. Jakub finished P8 in the strong competition of 18 pilots.

In the Rotax Max Junior category, team driver Tomáš Javůrek represented the colors of the MS Kard as well as the Slovakian pilot Jose Andres Cordova who drove his premiere with the new MS Blue Phoenix chassis. Tom’s joint start with a fast Slovakian pilot was very beneficial and he showed nice performances on dry and wet track finishing on P10 overall. Jose Andres took over his new chassis from team boss Jirka Kahuda on Thursday evening and his first drive on MS KART was on Friday morning when free practicing started. In a short time he got used to the chassis and set faster times than on his previous Tony Kard, even on a wet track on Saturday. He was very fast and generally very satisfied with the performance, although he missed a bit of good luck in the race: a double penalty for front bumper affected the final result, yet Jose scored points in Třinec for a nice 4th place.

Baby 60, this is a class where the MS KART brand is well represented by the Slovakian driver Lukáš Konopka from K KART. Lukáš got a good 4th place at Steel Ring.

ROK class: Tomáš Filipenský scored – P3!

Photo: Edit and Sára Pokorná, Pavel Šafránek and Tomáš Skryja

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