MS KART MINI Blue Kite chassis CIK-FIA homologated

The historically first international CIK-FIA homologation of MINI kart chassis has significantly influenced the activity of the MS KART factory in recent weeks. The brand new MS KART MINI Blue Kite chassis has been successfully approved this week so now it has the international CIK-FIA homologation valid for the next 4 years 2020-2023! The homologation No. is 008-CH-54 .

In the past MINI race chassis have not been subject to international homologation and for the participation in the national championships of individual countries in most cases a national MINI chassis homologation has been required. This was controlled by national regulations of each ASN. However, the new international CIK homologation will allow the use of one and the same chassis model in more countries, which will greatly facilitate the situation not only for manufacturers but also for the end users.

The new MS KART MINI chassis is based on the proven Blue Kite model. In addition to several major modifications of the main frame, which have proven successfully in many test sessions mainly on tracks in the UK, the novelty will also be a homologated K KART MINI brake system as well as the new KG bodywork model MK20. All these new features will be highlighted by modern design of new stickers, whose final look is born just these days…

Morgan Hill on podium at PFI

In the first round of LGM at PFI Morgan Hill qualifying 4th out of 31 Mini X30 and MINI Max together. After an incident that

Lucas Ellingham: LGM round 1 winner!

JDR´s Lucas Ellingham won the 1st race of the prestigious British LGM National Championship! Lucas showed that this year’s step up to seniors did not surprise