Final round of Czech Kart Open in Cheb

The race track in Cheb hosted the last round of the Czech Kart Championship and PAČR serie on 24-26th September. In the thrilling races the final ranking of the 2021 Champs was decided.

Jakub Talaš set the 3rd time in the KZ2 qualification and after beautiful fights he managed to win the first final race. Luck was not on Jakub´s side in heat 2 as he didn´t finish it due to a defect in the rear tyre. Despite this he fought hard in the Superfinal although his starting position from row 3 made his fight for a victory really complicated. Jakub started well and had a great pace. He moved forward up to second place but he could not secure this position till the end and he finally passed the finish line third. Jakub put his whole racing heart into this last race and he did his best for the result. Kuba, thank you very much!

Jiří Šafránek was our second driver in this class and also Jirka had a successful race weekend in Cheb. In Saturday’s time practice he set P10 and he gradually worked his way up in the following heats. In race 1 he finished P9,  P7 in race 2 and in Superfinal he managed to get a beautiful 6th place. Jirka´s achievments made happy not only the entire team but also his father who achieved the same results in KZ2 Getleman. „Fateful six“ thats how we can call the final race in Cheb for Šafránek´s family. Jan finished P6 in time practice as well as in the first heat. He had to resigne from race 2 due to a collision short after start and he scored an other P6 in Superfinal.

Tomáš Filipenský and Václav Tomášek from UBK team represented our MS Kart chassis in ROK category. Vašek had great pace already in Friday’s free practice when he set the fastest lap times followed by winning the qualification. This gave him pole position for the first two final heats. Vašek´s goel was clear: to drive as best as possible but with certainty to finish the races and secure the required number of points for final championship scoring. And he got what he prayed for. Great results in both heats! Václav finished 2nd in race 1 and he won race 2.  Superfinal brought him troubles in last lap and he was forced to resing due to a technical defect. However, he managed to achieve his goal and became the 2021 ROK CUP Champion! Huge congratulations to Vašek and the whole UBK team! Thank you very much boys!

We also kept our fingers crossed for Tomáš Filipenský in the same class, who showed stable performance throughout the weekend. In time practice he set 8th time and he scored points for P6, P6 and P13 in final heats.

In Baby 60 Kryštof Kyllar had a great pace. In busy competition he took a fantastic P4 in  time practice. In first two heats he got P5 and the final checkerboard flag he passed on P5. Kryštof scored enough points to became the winner of the ACR Cup and climbed up to the highets podium level. Congratulations!

The girl driver Grétka Polmová  raced in the same category. She finished on P14, P17 and P22 and gained a lot of valuable experience for the future races. Keep on!

Filip Kovalík did a huge improvement in Mini 60 and finished P18 and P12 in first two finals. He set P11 in the Superfinal and in final scoring he got second in the ACR Cup. Well done,  Filip! Just keep going 🙂

Massive thanks to all drivers who represented our brand, to all the mechanics for great teamwork and parents for their support. Thanks to Machac Motors for the engines.

Czech Kart Open Cheb, 17.–19.5.2024


Petr Kačírek – KZ2

Petr Kačírek is one of the 5 drivers who will represent our MS KART Racing Team in the KZ2 category in 2024. He started racing