Great results for MS KART in the last race of MP & MSR at Slovakiaring

The seventh and last race of this year’s season of the RMC Czech Republic, MP & MSR series was held at Slovakia Ring at the end of September and it was really a very good and varied weekend. It was both on a sun-warmed track, as well as in the cold and rain, but most importantly, the drivers for the first time ever could try the evening race under artificial lighting, which was a completely unusual and unique experience and a new challenge for all. In terms of podium finishes, this weekend was the most successful for the MS KART Racing Team this year. It can be said that the MS KART team has made a great end to the entire 2022 racing season.

Jiří Šafránek #46 set the fifth time in time practice of KZ2. In final heats he tried to get closer to the podium. He managed to do that in the first final on Saturday evening, when he came in third place. In the second final he finished P4 and in the last race on wet track he was just one step short of victory after a great chase for P1: he finished in a beautiful silver position.

David Kadlec #537 was at the top of KZ2 senior all the time. However, his time practice didn’t go well and he set 8th time. In the first and second heat he took P5 and in the last final in heavy rain he got P1 thanks to his flawless driving and great kart setup. Overall David took the trophy for 2nd place.

Tomáš Javůrek #433 showed a very good performance in the DD2 category, winning all the races and taking the well-deserved trophy for the overall first place on the podium.

We cheered for Tomas Filipensky #88 in ROK. Similarly to Tomáš Javůrek, he also showed his best and took P1, P2 and P1 in the final heats.

In ROTAX Micro Max the siblings Filip #77 and Rozálie #76 Rabas raced. Filip´s performance in the last champ round was a real surprice. After having solved some technical problems he had faced in the previous race in Třinec, he set the 2nd fastest time in the time practice. His results in the heats were identical, 3 x P2. However, in the overall standings Filip became the most successful driver of this weekend in Micro Max class and took home the winning trophy from Slovakia! Rozálka took a nice third position among the unlicensed drivers.

Ondřej Umlauf finished on P3 in Baby category among unlicensed drivers.

In DD2 Masters started Vilem Hene, who after a long racing break showed a solid performance and took P4 overall.

It is also worth mentioning some other results of other drivers on MS KART chassis, congratulations!

🏁 P1 #227 Vojtěch Fulín – ROTAX junior – DOSS KART
🏁 P1 #79 Jan Dostál – ROTAX Micro Max MP – DOSS KART
🏁 P3 #417 Nikolas Szabo – ROTAX DD2
🏁 P3 #181 Martin Konopka – KZ2
🏁 P2 #478 Christopher Ste Oslanec – ROTAX DD2 – Kancsar Racing
🏁 P2 #488 Lukáš Doležal – ROTAX DD2 MP – DOSS KART
🏁 P2 #16 Petr Vojta – KZ2 Veteran
🏁 P4 #96 Petr Vojta Jun – KZ2 MP

Big thanks to all drivers and mechanics for their teamwork and to Macháč Motors for
the preparation of the engines.

We would like to thank also Jakub from RACE.SK for a series of beautiful photos that capture the racing atmosphere of the Slovakiaring circuit in daylight and in the dark.

Triple Podium at HKRC

Well done to all JDR drivers and mechanics on a tough weekend with awful weather on Sunday. Rotax Junior MaxMichael Walker achieved a heat win and P3

Marek Ambrož – ROK Junior

The premiere season for Marek Ambrož in our team is approaching and the time has come for his introduction as a driver of the MS KART

Czech Kart Open Cheb, 17.–19.5.2024