40 years ago: Milan Simak won the European Champion title

On September 7th 2020 it was exactly 40 years since Milan Simak achieved the historical success at the CIK-FIA European Karting Championship in Olomouc.

On September 7th 1980 something unpredictable happened on the go-kart track in Olomouc, something no one even dreamed of. The fact that the European Championships took place in the then socialist Czechoslovakia was a huge event. An even greater success, however, was that the Czechoslovak go-kart driver Milan Simak won this race and thus became European Champion.

It was a historic success unparalleled at the time. At the age of 27, Milan Simak was the first Czechoslovak racer who the title of European Champion in the automotive discipline, which was announced by the FIA, and also the first go-kart driver from all countries of the “Eastern bloc” who achieved such a title. Milan Šimák received many awards and recognitions for this result. The recognition was all the greater because at that time he competed with riders who came from the vast majority of western countries and had technologies at a completely different level. Many of them did go-karting professionally. However, Milan started in this race on a chassis of his own production and with a CZ engine!

For Milan Simak this success was another start and a huge challenge for the next racing years. Even for the Czechoslovak go-kart sport, this result was of great international importance. Milan Simak´s success was followed by several very successful seasons. Based on experience, results and, last but not least, a good reputation in the go-kart environment, Milan Simak decided to produce go-kart chassis professionally and founded the company MS Kart, which manufactures kart chassis and exports them all over the world until today.

On the occasion of this anniversary, Milan Simak together with his family and the company MS Kart organized a “Meeting” of friends, fans and those people who participated with Milan in winning the title of European champion at the time. The meeting took place in a beautiful environment and in a very friendly and quiet atmosphere.

An unforgettable experience was listening to witnesses who interpreted the memories of the time when Milan Simak started go-karting. A period video and countless historical photographs were also screened. The whole event had its own charm and it was a great reminder of the result, which was subsequently a great motivation for many new competitors.

Foto: Vrata Ondracek, Karting Sport

5 times podium at Steelring

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