Jack Dex´s first race in KZ at Super Prix

A big surprise of the strong KZ grid, which was the highlight of the British Championship Super Prix at Shenington last weekend, was not only the very first start in this class, but also the great pace and final result of Jack Dex, the head of the team JDR.

In the competition of 32 drivers starting on 12 different chassis brands, Jack showed a better pace than expected with his pure new MS Blue Phoenix  in his first KZ race. After working at it all weekend Jack ended up P5 in the final and  was really happy with this result.

„Thanks to Ian Thomson for the engine and running me for the weekend. MS KART Czech Republic for the fantastic chassis that worked really well. Lucas Ellingham for giving up his weekend to come help and mechanic me. And Bryony King for coming to support me and keeping me fed and watered!“said Jack Dex who really enjoyed racing in KZ class against both British Champions and many of the seeded numbers while also running a team awning full of drivers as well!

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