Czech Championship Round 1 at Steel Ring

The Czech Kart Open race season started on in Třinec on the last weekend in April. Changeable spring weather conditions were a challenge for all drivers and mechanics, who had to find the optimal chassis set up for wet and dry track throughout the whole race weekend.

MS KART Racing Team was represented at the Steel Ring in all age categories. Jakub Kadlčák was one of the fastest KZ2 drivers. The qualification did not go optimally and P5 meant the 3rd row on the starting grid. Jakub had a perfect start of final 1 on Saturday evening and after a great performance his kart #153 crossed the finish line in 1st place. On Sunday, Kuba managed to get from P5 to P2 in the second final and the same result was achieved in Superfinal. “This time we lacked a bit of pace to win,” said Jiří Kahuda, the head of the MS KART racing team. “We are already working on a few modifications and I believe we will be able to get a little bit faster for the next race.”

In KZ2 Gentleman, David Kadlec was confidently in 4th position, just 0.3 seconds away from a third podium finish in Superfinal.

A big surprise was the performance of Tomáš Filipenský, who worked hard on his fitness in ROK GP category and set great times. His superfinal run was exemplary, but his last overtaking manoeuvre on P3 didn’t work out and a collision with his rival pushed him back to P8.

Zdenek Babicek (TEPZ Racing Team) was the fastest driver in the free practice sessions in Mini. However, P6 in time practice and a withdrawal from the 1st final run shortly after the start did not make the race easier for the young driver. P4 in Superfinal was a satisfactory result.

These are the results of all MS KART Racing Team drivers and some others, starting on MS KART chassis:

  • #153 Jakub Kadlčák
    • Q – P5
    • Final 1 – P1
    • Final 2 – P2
    • Superfinal – P2
  • #27 Petr Kačírek – Duck Racing
    • Q – P9
    • Final 1 – P8
    • Final 2 – P9
    • Superfinal – P12

KZ2 Gentleman

  • #537 David Kadlec
    • Q – P5
    • Final 1 – P4
    • Final 2 – P4
    • Superfinal P4
  • #44 Josef Barrila
    • Q – P7
    • Final 1 – P8
    • Final 2 – P9
    • Superfinal – P8 


  • #88 Tomáš Filipenský
    • Q – P8
    • Final 1 – P9
    • Final 2 – P14
    • Superfinal P8
  • #72 Tadeáš Radvan
    • Q – P30
    • Final 1 – P33
    • Final 2 – P24
    • Superfinal – P24 


  • #30 Zdeněk Bábíček TEPZ Racing Team
    • Q – P30
    • Final 1 – P33
    • Final 2 – P24
    • Superfinal – P24 
  • #115 Greta Polmová
    • Q – P11
    • Final 1 – P14
    • Final 2 – P11
    • Superfinal P27
  • #11 Lukáš Babáček
    • Q – P13
    • Final 1 – P21
    • Final 2 – P27
    • Superfinal P25


  • #0 Marek Punčochář
    • Q – P16
    • Final 1 – P19
    • Final 2 – P11
    • Superfinal – P22

Thanks to all the drivers and mechanics for their teamwork, to Macháč Motors for the engines and to Jakub Rovný from RACE.SK for the great photos.

We look forward to seeing you at the second round of the Czech Championship in Cheb on 26-28 May 2023.

Triple Podium at HKRC

Well done to all JDR drivers and mechanics on a tough weekend with awful weather on Sunday. Rotax Junior MaxMichael Walker achieved a heat win and P3