Slovakian Karting Cup in Bruck

A competitive  starting field gathered at SKP Round 2 at Speedword in Austria. Jirka Kahuda, the chief mechanic of MS KART Racing Team, together with several team drivers took the opportunity of good 3 days of training finished by Saturday’s race. Check out the photos and results of our and other drivers starting on MS chassis:   

P2 #77 🇸🇰 Darius Adrasovic
P5 #21 🇨🇿 Matěj Švec

P2 #79 🇨🇿 Jan Dostál – DOSS KART
P4 #77 🇨🇿 Filip Rabas – MS KART RACING TEAM
P7 #78 🇨🇿 Jakub Dostál – DOSS KART
P8 #21 🇨🇿 Miroslav Švec

🏁ROTAX MAX Junior 
P12 #227 🇨🇿 Vojtěch Fulín – DOSS KART

P1 #478 🇭🇺 Christopher Ste Oslanec – KANCSAR RACING
P2 #433 🇨🇿 Tomáš Javůrek – MS KART RACING TEAM
P3 #131 🇸🇰 Martin Pechanec 
P4 #599 🇨🇿 Vilém Hene – MS KART RACING TEAM
P6 #571 🇨🇿 Libor Kment – KANCSAR RACING

🏁KZ Junior
P1 #111 🇸🇰 Martin Konopka  – MS KART RACING TEAM

🏁KZ Masters
P5 #888 🇸🇰 Boris Nedorost
P10 #537🇨🇿 David Kadlec – MS KART RACING TEAM

Thanks to all drivers and mechanics, see you again in Bruck this weekend for the 2nd round of MP and MSR.

Thanks to RACE.SK for the great photos!

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