Team practice days at Slovakiaring

MS KART Racing Team drivers met for another joint training session, this time at the Slovakiaring race track, where the first race of the year, the RMC CR, MP&MSR, will take place in mid-April. The team mechanics took advantage of the favourable weather conditions and together with the drivers tested some new features prepared for the new racing season.

  • Jan Šafránek – KZ2
  • David Kadlec – KZ2
  • Natálie Kadlecová – Rotax Senior
  • Václav Tomášek – Rotax DD2
  • Lukáš Tomášek – Rotax Junior
  • Tadeáš Radvan – ROK
  • Greta Polmová – MINI 60
  • Tomas Filipensky – ROK
  • Tomáš Javůrek – Rotax DD2
  • Lucie Zimmelová – Rotax DD2
  • Christopher Oslanec – Rotax DD2

P2 for Lizzy at PFI!

The young and talented female racing driver Lizzy Mentier, competing for the British JDR team in the ROTAX Junior category, showed a great performance in the