Tomáš Filipenský – ROK GP

Tomáš Filipenský is the next driver of our MS KART racing team for the 2024 season.

Tomáš alias Pasta, as everyone calls him, is a driver with experience in many categories. He started karting 11 years ago. However, the category he is currently most interested in and in which he will represent our team in the 2024 season is ROK GP. He is particularly fond of it because of the large number of racers he can compete with on the track for valuable positions.

Looking at the start list, it will be no different this year… And if it rains at the races, Pasta will be happy, because he likes driving on wet track and is strong on it.

But get your umbrellas and rain boots ready for us!

Successful weekend at Kimbolton

The JDR racing team had another busy racing session in preparation for the British National Championships. Drivers, led by Jack Dex, were battling at the