Successful race weekend at Steel Ring

The penultimate round of RMC Czech Republic, MP & MSR championship took place at Steel Ring in changing weather, which spiced up the course of Sunday’s final runs in early September. Drivers and mechanics of MS KART Racing Team coped very well with local conditions and achieved beautiful results on the circuit of Trinec.

Jiří Šafránek #46 set second best time in KZ2 time practice. In the first wet final heat he got P2, in the second and thord heat on slicks he finished P3 and P2. Jirka showed really good and balanced performance and finished second overall.

David Kadlec #537 was on the top of KZ2 senior throughout the race weekend. In heat 1 and 2 he took P3 and he took the win in the last final heat thanks to a great start.

Jan Šafránek #69 was also in a great form in KZ2 Veteran, he became the overall winner of this category after winning the first two heats and finishing the last final on P2, congratulations!

In time practice of ROTAX Max Junior our team’s flower Natálie Kadlecová #237 surprised all the rivals with her superb pace, when she set the third fastest time. Although Natalie is still not so confident on wet track and in the first final she finished P7, she she worked her way to the front in heat 2 and 3 on slicks and crossed the finish line at P5 and P6. She showed a great progress at Steel Ring, well done!

Tomáš Javůrek #433 finished in a beautiful 3rd place in ROTAX DD2 after taking P3, P3 and P4 in the heats.

We cheered for Tomas Filipensky #88 in ROK. This time Tom finished P2 in all the final runs, which meant second position in final ranking.

Siblings Filip #77 and Rosalie #76 Rabas raced in ROTAX Micro Max. Filip finished sixth in RMC and Rozalie came in a nice third place in MP.

Many more results of other drivers on MS KART are also worth mentioning, congratulations!

🏁 P1 #417 Nikolas Szabo – ROTAX DD2
🏁 P1 #181 Martin Konopka – ROTAX DD2 Masters
🏁 P1 #96 Petr Vojta Jun – KZ2 MP
🏁 P1 #79 Jan Dostál – ROTAX Micro Max MP – DOSS KART
🏁 P4 #478 Christopher Ste Oslanec – ROTAX DD2 – Kancsar Racing
🏁 P2 #488 Lukáš Doležal – ROTAX DD2 MP – DOSS KART

Big thanks to all drivers and mechanics for their teamwork and to Macháč Motors for the engines.

Thanks to Jakub from RACE.SK for a series of beautiful photos that once again phantasticly capture the pure racing atmosphere of the Trinec circuit!

Tomáš Filipenský – ROK GP

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Double podium in Shenington

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Tadeáš Radvan – OK

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