Great race weekend at Slovakia Ring

On September 10-12 the penultimate race of Rotax Max Challenge CZ, Moravian Cup and and Slovakian Championship took place at Slovakian Ring. Sunny and very hot weather provided challenging racing conditions not only for the drivers but also for the mechanics. However, everyone’s efforts were rewarded with beautiful results.

Jakub Talaš had a great pace in KZ2 throughout the race weekend. With the fastest lap time in Saturday´s qualification he got pole position for the first final on Sunday. Immediately after the start he took the lead and after 15 laps he passed the finish line with a gap of 4 seconds. He won both race 2 and 3, despite a penalty for an early start which gained both drivers starting from the 1st row. However, Jakub´s lead in race 3 was considerable and 5 extra seconds did not deprive him of the victory. Well deserved  top step on the podium!

Jan Šafránek did very well in KZ2 Veteran. He had a great start in Saturday´s time practice with setting the fastest lap time in his category. On Sunday he won in all 3 final races.

Tomáš Filipenský fought in ROK class and once again he showed  his race skills. He set the fastest time in qulification he got P1, P2 and P2 in final heats. Overall, he became the winner in his category.

In  Rotax DD2 Masters  David Kadlec took P3 in first two races and finished second in the last one. On the podium he took beautiful silver place.

In ROTAX Micro MAX class without license Filip Rabas performed well.  P2 in all three final heats ensured him overall 2nd position and great joy. His sister Rozálie finished 8th in Baby 50.

In  ROTAX MAX Junior MS KART  team had double representation: Tomáš Javůrek finished 10th. He dealed with technical difficulties throughout the weekend. Natálka Kadlecová got P13 and P11 in Sunday’s races. She did not finish the third final due to a collision after start. She took second place among drivers without license in final scoring.

Success of other drivers with MS KART chassis:

• Jakub Kubera (JM KART) – 3rd place ROTAX Mini MAX

• Vítek Kubera (JM KART) – 3rd place ROTAX Micro MAX

• Kamil Kubera (JM KART) – 3rd place ROTAX DD2 MASTERS

• Lukáš Devera (JM KART) – 4th place ROTAX DD2 MASTERS

• Adam Kovacs (KANCSAR RACING) – 4th place ROTAX DD2

• Jan Dostál (DOSS KART) – 1st place ROTAX Micro MAX without license

• Miroslav Švec – 9th place Baby 50

• Vojtěch Fulín (DOSS KART) – 5th place ROTAX MAX Junior

• Adam Roschl (DOSS KART) – 6th place ROTAX MAX Junior

• Petr Vojta – 1st place KZ2 without a license

• Petr Vojta sen. – 5th place KZ2 Senior

Many thanks to all drivers for great achievments and representation of our brand. Well deserved thanks also goes to all the mechanics for their hard work and to Machač Motors for the engines.

PHOTO: Jakub Rovný / RACE.SK

Love for racing

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who loves karting!Let’s not forget that the love of racing motivates us to achieve better results…We wish everyone to enjoy this day.

Tomáš Javůrek – Rotax DD2

Tomáš Javůrek is part of our racing team this season again. He will compete in the ROTAX DD2 category in Rotax Max Challenger Czech Republic