Zdeněk Bábíček in TOP 10 at WSK

Zdeněk Babicek (TEPZ Racing Team) was the only Czech driver to compete in the fourth race of the international WSK Open Series. 6The Italian Circuito Internazionale Napoli track clearly suited him at the end of June. Zdenek showed a great performance with the MS KART Mini Blue Kite chassis and Iame engine and managed to finish in the top ten in the final of the Mini GR3 category!

Final MINI GR3 results:

1. Baglin Noah – iKart – KR / IAME

2. Walz Devin – Babyrace Driver Academy – Parolin / IAME

3. Cosma Cristofor B. – Team Driver Racing Kart – KR / IAME

10. Bábiček Zdeněk – TEPZ Racing Team – MS Kart / IAME