About us

The company MS KART is a Czech manufacturer of racing kart chassis. Its founder and sole owner is the successful kart driver Milan Šimák, whose long-term racing career in karting, which started in 1968, was continued by kart chassis production.

Our story

Milan Šimák belongs to the icons of the karting sport, go-karts have become his lifelong hobby and work. The famous Czech kart driver was born in Lažiště near Prachatice as the son of a miller. In the mid-60s of the last century, Milan and his brother Josef decided to weld a frame from water pipes and they built their first kart. Milan was 14 years old that time. This boyish idea has become fatal for him and accompanies him and his whole family to this day.

Kart chassis production

We produce kart chassis of the MS KART brand. We are a Czech manufacturer and the only producer of kart chassis in Eastern Europe. We place great emphasis on precision and the highest possible quality of frames and all other components. This is the only way to gain a foothold in the world market.

Factory racing team

The MS KART factory racing team was established in 1991, when Milan Šimák finished his active racing career. In the same year, he began to develop his own racing team, because he knew that the only and the best test of the quality and performance of the produced equipment is the race track.