MS KART – kart chassis production

We produce kart chassis of the MS KART brand. We are a Czech manufacturer and the only producer of kart chassis in Eastern Europe. We place great emphasis on precision and the highest possible quality of frames and all other components. This is the only way to gain a foothold in the world market.

It is not false to say that a kart chassis consists of several tubes welded together. In fact, however, it is a complex production process which starts with designing the geometry and choosing the right combination of materials. The subsequent welding procedure has to be set in the way to ensure a final product which provides the best performance on the track.

The basis of successful production are many years of experience in working with materials as well as in the chassis manufacturing, starting with cutting, through bending to final tubes welding. Not only does this form the know-how of the MS KART company, which is passed on to new generations of the family business. However, the development can not be stopped and the experience is no longer enough today. Although the basic design of kart frames has remained very similar for many years, the production process is significantly influenced by modern construction and manufacturing technologies, which allow higher quality control as well as increased ability of chassis to adapt to track changes. Besides the construction itself the studies of material properties and verifying the mechanical flexibility by computer simulation and afterwards on the track has nowadays become one of the most important factors of the production process.

Complex production of racing kart frames is a very delicate process, which is a decisive factor for the final performance of the go-kart and the good name of the brand. The top level of MS KART racing chassis is prooved by numerous successes that MS KART drivers achieve in national and international championships every year. Thanks to the extensive network of dealers that the company’s management has been building since the very beginning of the factory’s existence, MS KART chassis are successfully sold in the entire Europe as well as in many other countries around the world.

Compared to large competing manufacturers, our big advantage is the ability to produce kart chassis to order. We can meet the non-standard wishes of our customers and weld the chassis according to specific requirements. Each chassis is assembled individually based on specific specifications from the client. Our customers, contract racing drivers and teams, have the opportunity to participate in the development and together with us improve the quality and performance of MS KART chassis.

Production – behind the scenes look