What is a go-kart

Go-kart is a small but very swift four-wheeled vehicle designed for racing or for adrenaline driving in rental kart centres. The basis of every go-kart is created by a light tubular frame, which forms the supporting structure and replaces the suspension. Typical are 4 small diameter wheels, a steering wheel with a direct transmission to the steering columnt and a kart engine mounted next to the driver, which transmits the driving force to the rear axle by chain.

The go-kart has disc brakes, a fiberglass seat and plastic bodyworks, which are used as bumpers at the same time and which define the overall appearance. The bodywork parts have precise aerodynamic shapes in order to minimalize the air resistance of the kart at high speed. The chassis, brakes and other components are subject to strict standards and have to be approoved by CIK-FIA. The CIK homologation is valid for 3 years.

Go-karts have excellent driving characteristics, mainly due to the low center of gravity and special tires. Thanks to special two-stroke engines and low weight, go-karts achieve amazing acceleration. For example, in the KZ 125 ccm category the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is in 4 seconds! ( 55 HP at 14000 rpm, maximum speed over 200 km/h).

Currently, the development of racing chassis, engines and all other parts is moving very fast. What is new in karting technology today becomes obsolete in a short time.

It is possible to race on many different levels. Go-karts are very popular in rental kart centres which represent an easily accessible adrenaline experience for the general public. Many people run hobby go-karts which are usually older chassis and engines used by racing drivers or cheaper new hobby models. Last but not least, karting is a popular racing motorsport discipline that includes not only various national but also European or World Championships. Only the finances and abilities of the pilots are important, as far as they can fight their way. Karting has its enthusiasts and fans all over the world.

According to the purpose of use, go-karts are divided into two basic groups:

Rental karts:

Karts for rent have a reinforced frame and bumper construction, they are mostly equipped with 4-stroke engines with a power of up to 10 HP and tires of low adhesion made from hard compound.

  • Karts for kids with engine Honda GX120
  • Karts for adults with engine Honda GX200
  • Karts for adults with engine Honda GX270
  • Karts for adults with engine Honda GX390

Racing karts:

Racing karts are divided into gearbox and non-gearbox categories and further according to the volume and type of engine used. In contrary to rental karts the racing machines usually have two-stroke engines and are divided according to cylinder volume into:

  • 50 cm3 – engines for kids, air cooled
  • 100 cm3 – nowadays rarely used engines, mostly air-cooled
  • 125 cm3 – the most used water-cooled engines which are available in shifter or non-shifter versions
  • 250 cm3 – two-cylinder water-cooled engines used in the Superkart category, their maximum speed is over 200 km/h