“Green hell” spiced with blue: 3 cups for MS KART

The kart circuit in Pisek hosted the third race of the Czech Karting Championship. It was not an easy weekend for our drivers who, like all the other competitors, had to deal with the challenging profile of the track laid out in the middle of the forest and called “Green hell”.

Johanka Sovičková raced in her first event and presented herself with a fearless performance. In category School 50 she left behind her more experienced rivals, the exception was only in the second race, which she could not start due to an engine technical problem.

Marek Punčochář represented our colours in Baby 60. He looked promising and better than in Vysoké Mýto and Cheb, but he also did not avoid technical issues with his engine just before the superfinal. He ended the weekend in tears, but next time he will have the motivation to make up for it.

Jonáš Hubáček made magic in Mini 60 and showed agreat improvement. It was his first time in this category in Písek and he managed to stick to the leading group of six and even overtake some of its competitors. Unfortunately a bumper penalty came, but that doesn’t change the fact that Jony is making great strides and has speed.

The battle between our trio of junior ROK drivers ended best for Lukáš Babáček after a lot of hardship with many seized engines, who made it to third place despite starting the superfinal from the back due to an incomplete second race. Maty Kučera also qualified for the superfinal but his kart didn’t go well and Marek Ambrož drank the cup of bitterness to the bottom this time. Three seized engines were really too much for one race weekend and Marek had no chance to qualify for the final race.

Tomas Filipensky did not follow up a nice row of previous podium finishes in the ROK GP category and finished 11th in the superfinal.

Josef Barilla was in the first group fighting for the podium in KZ2 Gentleman, which he ultimately failed to achieve, finishing 5th in the superfinal. Right behind him was our second driver in this category, Pavel Sovička, who showed a very good pace and made a huge progress at Pisek.

Tadeáš Radvan had big ambitions after his promising result in Cheb and was motivated to show that he is a force to be reckoned with in OK senior. In the free practice sessions he was one of the fastest drivers on the track, but his qualifying practice didn’t go well and in the race he couldn’t fight his way from the back positions to the front. However, we took the victory in OK thanks to a dominant drive by Jindra Pešl, who exceptionally took part in the Czech champ was a real boost to our team. Jindra showed a sovereign performance in Písek, winning the time practice as well as all three races.

The course of the race weekend in the royal KZ2 category was really interesting. Strong starts by Kuba Kadlčák shuffled the cards and meant victory for our MS KART team. We managed to close the points gap to the championship leader and at the finish line we were accompanied by strong emotions and many satisfied smiles. David Gorčica, who finished P8 in Saturday’s first race, also presented himself very well, but had to skip Sunday’s programme due to a school excursion abroad. We must not forget the performance of Troy Sovicka, who on a challenging track respectably kept pace with the more seasoned kart racers.

Although there is always room for improvement, we will definitely remember this year’s race at “Green hell” positively: MS KART racing team won a total of 3 cups, two of them in the most prestigious categories.

Thanks to the drivers, mechanics and to Macháč Motors for their professional cooperation. We are looking forward to see you on the first weekend of June at the 4th RMC Czech Republic, MP and MSR race in Bruck, Austria.

Foto: Ondřej Kovalčík

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